Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brown Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
There are various types of colored contact lenses available in the market. They are broadly classified into visibility tint, enhancement tint and colored tint. If you have dark eyes you can select brown contact lenses. There are other options as well.

Colored contact lens have become so trendy that most of the youngsters have it as an accessory or as a compulsion with them. Since eyes are one of the most striking features of your face, changing the color of your eyes will change your features completely. Cosmetic contact lens generally do not require prescription. But it is always safe to consult the doctor before using any contact lenses. There are both prescription corrective and non prescription corrective types of lenses. We have to check the colored lenses before selecting one.

Cosmetic lenses does not need a prescription. Each cosmetic lens can be worn for 30 days and that too continually. All type of lenses functions as per how you use it. It also depends on how you see the light and see the contact. The most commonly used contacts are visibility tint. You can easily find them if you drop them by mistake or misplace it. But they are generally not available in brown colored lenses. Brown contact lenses change most eye colors to dark brown which gives wonderful effects. Sportsmen also prefer to wear lenses and they generally go for light filtering contacts while playing.

These are specifically designed to enhance your vision and see things more clearly. Light filtered contacts are sometimes brown in color.People with light colored eyes prefer brown colored lenses to look different, as it changes the features to large extent and makes you look good.