Friday, August 9, 2013

Eyeshadow Tips - Eyeshadow Primer Comes First

The best eyeshadow tips start with a good base. You need to consider your skin type as well as the color of your eyes and the color of your skin when you are applying eyeshadow. All of those components make a beautiful eye. The most important step and one that everyone who starts out applying make up makes is leaving out the eyeshadow base or primer. Your eyeshadow will melt into your skin never to be seen again without a good base. Another problem is that your eyeshadow will collect in the crease of the eye and that's no good either. An eyeshadow primer that is too white for your skin tone will give you raccoon eyes. You can usually tell from photographs those that make that error. If your skin is oily, you will want to avoid any eyeshadow primers that are oil based. Consequently if your skin is very dry, a silicone based eyeshadow primer will keep your eyelid skin moist and won't cake or crease. You have to evaluate different products to see if they have the right ingredients and the right shade for your skin type and color.Another thing to consider is the packaging. Any time you have to dip a finger into a pot you have the potential for adding bacteria to the product. A good squeeze tube is ideal and is also favored by those who travel a lot.

A bottle will look pretty on your vanity but will be hard to get every last drop out. Remember when you apply eyeshadow base to use a little tiny bit and blend well. A lot of people who complain about creasing use too much product.. A little bit goes a long way. Blending is also very important to prevent eyeshadow creasing and make your eyeshadow color stay true all day long.

Professionals do not use those sponge tip applicators to blend. Use a dry cosmetic sponge wedge, or brush, or fingertip to apply eyeshadow primer. Never pull delicate eyelid skin as this can make wrinkles later in life. Use these eyeshadow tips to make beautiful sexier eyes.