Friday, August 2, 2013

Pick Best Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette
No make-up kit is complete without a cool eyeshadow palette. There are plenty of cosmetic companies that offer eyeshadow palettes with wide range of colors and hence finding the best eyeshadow for your kit isn't a tough task.

Choosing Eyeshadow Colors for Perfect Looks Although, choosing eyeshadow palette is easy but there are a few factors that must be considered to ensure that you buy the best. First of all, brand does matter. There are hundreds of brands but the quality offered by them differs drastically. Not all brands can offer you with high quality eye-shadow. Make sure to buy palettes offered by the reputed brands as such eyeshadow palettes are not only more durable but also offer better quality and range of colors. If you like experimenting with colors then go for a bigger pallet with plenty of shades. Simple ones are best for those who are interested in a few specific colors. A few more things that you need to keep in your mind are your skin tone, your hair color, the color of your eyes, your facial structure and of course the occasion on which you plan to wear the eye makeup. Along with the right pallet, you also require some top quality eyeshadow brushes that can offer even application of eyeshadow.
Identifying Your Skin Tone for Perfect Eyeshadow Match

If you have a dark skin tone then try to pick pearlescent shimmering tones. For a pretty chic look you can try out charcoals, navy blues or even deep plums. Golden bronze colors complement darker skin tones and are a perfect choice for daytime. With lighter skin tone, you are recommended to stick with general blue-based or pastel colors of eyeshadow. Neutral shades, berry tones, pinks and even mauves can also enhance your appearance. You can also go for a Smokey eyeshadow palette for attaining perfect smokey eye look. There are plenty of online sites that allow you to get hold of most exclusive range of eyeshadow pallets with huge variety of awesome colors. The products offered by these websites are reasonably prices. So just grab the right eyeshadow palette for a perfect look.